• You must read (at least) 8 books cover-to-cover within the specified dates.  Each of the 8 books must be at least 120 pages.  Audio books are permitted.
  • It is recommended that your 8 books be selected from the following categories:
    1. Church history (any period)
    2. Life of any male Saint or Blessed
    3. Life of any female Saint or Blessed
    4. Classic English novel (e.g. from a 19th century author)
    5. Any classic novel translated into English from a foreign language
    6. Academic work of Catholic theology, philosophy, apologetics or Scripture study
    7. Spiritual life (prayer, virtue, Advent meditations, etc)
    8. Non-fiction (world history, etc)
  • Participants should be regular attendees at either the FSSP community in the Sydney Archdiocese or in the Parramatta Diocese, or attend the Holy Family Catechism at Prospect or Lewisham.
  • The challenge will commence on December 4, 2022, and will end on January 29, 2023.
  • Please register by emailing Fr Gilbride:
  • Once registered, Fr Gilbride will send you a private link to a Spreadsheet where you can write in the title of your completed books.
  • The prize for anyone who completes the 8-book challenge will be a $25 voucher.
  • For children, your participation in this challenge should not be an occasion for you to neglect more important duties e.g. work, study or chores.
  • Suggested online shops where you can buy new books:

  • Rules are subject to change at the discretion of Fr Gilbride.

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