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Parramatta Latin Mass Chaplaincy Building Fund

To make either regular monthly donations, or a one-off contribution, toward the Building Fund, please download our Donation Form
The completed form may either be handed to Fr Leung or Fr Wallace, or be placed in the collection basket at Mass.


Contributions toward our First and Second Sunday Mass Collections
can be made by Electronic Transfer into the following bank accounts:

First Collection Parramatta
This collection is used for the needs of the Fraternity of St Peter, Parramatta.
BSB067 950
Account No00002285
Account NameFraternity of St Peter Apostolate
Second Collection Parramatta
This collection is used for the outgoings relating to the Church such as maintenance of property, electricity, gas, candles, altar breads etc.
BSB067 950
Account No00002293
Account NameFraternity of St Peter Church

Cheque Donations

These are also accepted for the purposes mentioned above and can be mailed to:
FSSP Australia, PO Box 46, Pendle Hill NSW 2145
Depending on the fund you wish to support, please draw cheques as follow:

Building FundFSSP Parramatta Church Reserve Fund
First CollectionFraternity of St Peter Apostolate
Second CollectionFraternity of St Peter Church

Parramatta Latin Mass Chaplaincy
Served by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter

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